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About Us

In Mármoles Vallejo de Teba (Málaga) we have spent more than 40 years dedicating ourselves to the manufacture, elaboration, commercialization and supply of kitchen countertops and bathrooms, facades, floors, railings, etc. In all materials: marble, granite, silestone, Neolith, Dekton, etc ... combining artisanal techniques with the latest market technology and with the backing of a human team Professional high quality and customized service

We take care of the measurement and placement throughout the Province of Malaga, Marbella and La Costa del Sol to perform unique work we adapt to the needs and taste of the client.

Throughout all these years we have evolved to become a consolidated company specializing in the manufacture of kitchen countertops in Silestone, porcelain, national and imported granites, without forgetting any other type of marble and granite work, such as stairs, facades, baseboards, floors, etc ...

Countertops for kitchen and bathrooms in Málaga

The kitchen countertop occupies an important part of the life of a home, due to its great use it is necessary to choose a good material and at the same time fit the design of each kitchen.

- We bring our knowledge and a wide range of materials: Porcelain, Quartz and Granite to make your choice easier.
- We design and project all kinds of ideas that the client gives us, no matter how complicated it may be.
- We have state-of-the-art machinery that makes the work more precise and precise, giving service to the most demanding clients.

Bathrooms in Málaga

The coating of bathrooms in natural materials such as marble or granite provide a touch of elegance and durability in your choice, we have high quality materials and machinery to make any design of countertops and bathroom sinks.


Custom made shower trays

The design and realization of shower trays also occupies an important part of our day to day work, being able to realize in many materials and means that their design is exclusive in the majority of the cases, in each design we put our effort in their safety, to be 100% non-slip and for proper water evacuation. So we count on the satisfaction of our customers.

Floors and Facades

If your project wants to include pavements or facades of marble or granite, it is a wise decision since marble and granite for its beauty and resistance has been used for centuries both for architecture and decoration.

It combines perfectly with all kinds of environments and its aesthetic beauty never goes out of style.
You can also choose from the wide range of porcelain products that are very resistant and very attractive ideal for outdoor and indoor.


The choice of marble or granite stairs gives a touch of elegance and distinction. Ideal for shops, single-family homes, residents' community.

These natural stones can be treated to get different textures and thus make them suitable for outdoors.

Their hardness makes them resistant to the passage of time, constant traffic, cleaning products and inclement weather.

  • Phones:
    +34 952 74 86 15
    +34 609 531 304

  • Zona Molino El Lucero, 1
    29327 Teba, Málaga

About Us

At Mármoles Vallejo, we have dedicated more than 40 years to the manufacturing, marketing, and supply of kitchen countertops, bathrooms, facades, construction projects, etc. We work with Marble, Granite, Silestone, Neolith, Dekton, combining both artisanal techniques and the latest market technology.


+34 952 74 86 15
+34 609 531 304

Zona Molino El Lucero, 1
29327 Teba, Málaga


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